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Sheeba susan Cheriyan

sheeba susan cheriyanPosted on7:15 pm - Feb 14, 2016

I cant open enhanced communications skills for nurses 35 hours

please help me

Jerlie Jasmin Ramos

Jerlie Jasmin RamosPosted on5:06 am - Feb 23, 2016

hi!the the ecns file only shows the introduction..when can i access the other subjects?thankyou

Omolara Ajayi

omolara ajayiPosted on6:39 am - Mar 29, 2016

Hi please can you help create a login access so I can take the enhanced communication skills for nurses course.thank you

Roland Tuliao

Roland TuliaoPosted on10:10 am - Apr 15, 2016

hi i’m having problem to view the lecture in nursing foundation

Antonia Stergiopoulou

antonia stergiopoulouPosted on10:30 am - May 26, 2016

I can’t watch the webinar. any reasons?

Sameera Al Hamad

Sameera Al HamadPosted on1:01 pm - May 30, 2016

Hi Nicholas,

I did spoke to Meghan today which we had a lovely conversation and info exchange. Would kindly need your support to have the webinars timing be at 10:00 EDT as discussed with Meghan. This will help me attend the webinars after my duty.

Thank you and appreciating your reply confirmation

Sameera Al Hamad

Satomi Yasuhara

Satomi YasuharaPosted on6:07 am - Jun 1, 2016

Hello, this is my first time to join PASS program.

Sameera Al Hamad

Sameera Al HamadPosted on10:48 am - Jun 1, 2016

Thank you for the webinar. it was very valuable to my knowledge


Jenny Brony Johnson

Jenny Brony JohnsonPosted on10:32 am - Jun 13, 2016

very useful

Meghan WankelPosted on10:45 am - Jun 13, 2016

Thanks Jenny – I am glad you enjoyed the webinar!

Sameera Al Hamad

Sameera Al HamadPosted on10:42 am - Jun 14, 2016

Thank you for the valuable information. it gives me hope to find a job while waiting for my registration to finish

Thank you

Meghan WankelPosted on10:46 am - Jun 14, 2016

Thanks Sameera! I am happy to review your cover letter and resume at any time!

Babitha Paulose

Babitha PaulosePosted on3:56 pm - Jun 19, 2016

Excellent….informative and very useful

Antonia Stergiopoulou

antonia stergiopoulouPosted on8:16 pm - Jun 29, 2016

please inform me when this mentorship webinar will take place in order to read the notes.
Thank you

Sameera Al Hamad

Sameera Al HamadPosted on11:43 am - Sep 16, 2016

Hi. I did complete these webinars. can not get it ticked as complete

Thank you

Sameera Al Hamad

Sameera Al HamadPosted on11:44 am - Sep 16, 2016

Hi. I did complete attending this webinar and can not tick it as completed

Thank you

Angelus Matiling

Angelus MatilingPosted on9:47 am - Nov 3, 2016

Thanks for all the information!


JEMIMA CLAIRE BASTINENPosted on10:21 am - Jan 26, 2017

It is very helpful. An eye opener

Anna Hemens

Anna HemensPosted on9:46 am - Feb 13, 2017

Very useful basic introduction to canadian health system

Anna Hemens

Anna HemensPosted on9:51 am - Feb 13, 2017

really useful to learn what other jobs are out there that i can do while waiting for registration (which may take some time!). Makes me think of listing all my transferable skills 🙂

Anna Hemens

Anna HemensPosted on10:03 am - Feb 13, 2017

incredibly helpful; allows me to start getting everything ready!

Iris Gracel Cagampang

Iris Gracel CagampangPosted on10:06 pm - Mar 18, 2017

Thank you for the helpful info. Interested in reading other webinars/pdf’s.

Iris Gracel Cagampang

Iris Gracel CagampangPosted on10:16 pm - Mar 18, 2017

Is there any pdf file for this?

Jiamela Umandap

Jiamela UmandapPosted on9:04 am - Jul 20, 2017

Hi! I haven’t received a link for this webinar… I can see that this course started 2100h our local time and right now ot’s already 2113h

Mehrzad Nicholas Ghadiri

Nicholas GhadiriPosted on10:16 am - Jul 20, 2017

Dear Jiamela! Please click on the link I sent you yesterday! Thanks!

Peter Lim

Peter LimPosted on12:01 pm - Aug 2, 2017

Hello mam

I’m sorry I think I missed this date, I haven’t Abe to attend the webinars on time August 2, may I request for the link? For me to watch? Thanks

Kalsang Youdon

Kalsang YoudonPosted on1:28 pm - Aug 5, 2017

I am a nurse from India. Want to work in canada hospital . Wanted to know the procedurw

Jigi Varghese

Jigi VarghesePosted on9:10 am - Aug 9, 2017

I haven’t got my link for today’s webinar..

Charlotte Pagutayao

Charlotte PagutayaoPosted on8:55 am - Feb 5, 2018

Pls send me a link. Thank you.

Oluwatosin Abioye

Oluwatosin AbioyePosted on6:24 am - Mar 14, 2018

i need to know the nigeria time and how to access the program

Oluwatosin Abioye

Oluwatosin AbioyePosted on6:26 am - Mar 14, 2018

how do i get along if i am busy during the sessions

John Carl Patrocinio

John Carl PatrocinioPosted on3:43 pm - Jan 16, 2020

I was not able to attend this webinar, can i get a copy?


ANISHA PAULPosted on5:12 am - Apr 7, 2020


Omolara Oyenuga

omolara oyenugaPosted on8:45 am - May 21, 2020

I have not received the webinar link for self care strategies. Pls send the link