Mehrzad Nicholas GhadiriByNicholas Ghadiri

Career Paths Information Session – Care Aide Registration for IEHPs

For internationally educated nurses bound for British Columbia, on December 16, 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, Douglas College will be hosting an information on obtaining a employment as a Health Care Aide – a great job to consider while pursuing nursing licensure! 

Mehrzad Nicholas GhadiriByNicholas Ghadiri

Reevaluating Immigration Policy with Iain Reeve & Yilmaz Dinc

The Hon. Senator Ratna Omidvar discusses the latest immigration trends with Iain Reeve and Yilmaz E. Dinc from the Conference Board of Canada, covering the challenges of attracting immigrants to rural communities, providing pathways to permanent residency for migrant workers and other topics.

Mehrzad Nicholas GhadiriByNicholas Ghadiri

At the Beside – Podcast

At the Bedside – Driven by Curiosity. Informed by Evidence. Rooted in Nursing Practice.

About this podcast

Let’s talk about patient care. Together we can improve practice, benefit patients and make it interesting.

Tune in for conversations that:

  • Consider the complex realities of delivering health care today
  • Include a diversity of perspectives and roles
  • Build on the knowledge, skill and judgement at the heart of nursing care
  • Foster the sharing of knowledge across traditional boundaries of discipline and hierarchy

Mehrzad Nicholas GhadiriByNicholas Ghadiri

How can Canada improve newcomer wellness? Two words: integrated care

WoodGreen Community Services’ newly released report, Resettling Health and Wellness: The Value of Integrated Newcomer Care, highlights the urgent need for and scalable benefits of integrated newcomer care across Ontario and Canada.

Mehrzad Nicholas GhadiriByNicholas Ghadiri

Immigrants’ journey to success: We speak with the Arab community

On Saturday, November 6, 2021 at 12 Eastern Time, join Café New Canadians for valuable insight from established immigrants on how to be better prepared before and after landing in Canada. Panellists will speak about their journeys and what it takes to settle in, integrate and succeed in Canada.

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