Pre-Arrival for Internationally Educated Nurses

The Pre-Arrival Supports and Services Program (PASS) is a pre-arrival program funded by the Government of Canada.

The PASS pre-arrival program is for Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) in their countries of residence who have been approved for immigration to Canada.

PASS pre-arrival benefits:

There is no cost for PASS services. IENs must have proof of graduation from a nursing school and a letter of immigration confirmation from the Government of Canada.


Access to online webinars, courses and workshops.


Nursing-specific programs and mentorship.


Funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

I am extremely grateful to PASS for all the support you have given me as an IEN even before I landed in Canada. The preparation made such a huge difference!"

PASS Pre-Arrival Program for Internationally Educated Nurses logo.

How it works...

In three easy steps, your journey as an IEN in Canada starts with the PASS pre-arrival program.

STEP 1 - Register

Complete the PASS pre-arrival registration form and submit it.

Once we receive your completed registration form, you'll begin receiving PASS pre-arrival services.

STEP 2 - PASS Program

These include webinars, online courses, mentorship connections with Canadian nurses, nursing specific communication courses, personalized employment information, and much more!

STEP 3 - Post Arrival

PASS pre-arrival program will provide you with resources to connect with post-arrival programs after you arrive.

Internationally Educated Nurses participating in PASS have access to:

  • Case management for information and referrals for language, employment, and settlement services after arriving in Canada.
  • Online nursing-specific English language and communication courses.
  • Live webinars providing nursing registration process and Canadian healthcare system overview.
  • Live webinars for employment readiness in healthcare.
  • Mentorship guidance from Canadian nurses.