Live and recorded webinars provide an overview of the nursing registration process in different provinces, the Canadian healthcare system and labour market trends. These webinars equip IENs with knowledge and strategies for successful entry into the Canadian nursing profession.


PASS connects IENs with expert nurse mentors across the country through the Canadian Nurses Association. Mentorships can be based on province of destination and/or nursing specialization.

Online Communication Course

Online courses providing nursing occupation-specific English language and communication training.

Case Management

When an IEN is accepted to join PASS, they work one-on-one with a case manager by email and video conferencing. The case manager and PASS participant will discuss the IEN’s individual set of circumstances to achieve maximum benefit from the PASS program.  The case manager will guide the IEN to appropriate online offerings, depending on the timeline of their arrival in Canada. IENs can participate in live group webinars which allows the case manager to introduce them to other IENs immigrating to Canada. The case manager also refers IENs to supports and resources in destination provinces. Post-arrival, the case manager can also recommend other specific interventions to assist the IEN in their settlement process.