PASS Webinars

PASS is made up of 11 webinars. We send you each webinar link in a reminder email one-day prior before the scheduled webinar is held.  Each webinar is approximately 1 hour – 75 minutes long. After completion of all 11 webinars, members will receive a certificate of completion. To see the schedule for upcoming webinars Please visit: www.pass4nurses.org/events/

A. Essential Studies

1. Jump Starting Your Canadian Nursing Registration Webinar
This webinar will orient you to the PASS Program by providing an overview of the requirements to become a registered nurse in Canada.

Main topics:

  • Working in Canada
  • PASS Program
  • Registration Process
  • PASS services and supports
  • Key pre- and post -arrival tips

2. Nursing in Canada Webinar
This webinar will give you an understanding what the nursing profession looks like across Canada.

Main topics:

  • Nursing Profession Across Canada
  • Nursing Roles
  • Regulation and Scope of Practice
  • Practice Settings
  • Workplace Language and Culture

3. Orientation to Canadian Healthcare System
This webinar gives an overview of Canada’s health care system. Each province has slightly different registration requirements you will need to meet to become a nurse in that province.

Main topics:

  • Overview of Canadian Health Care System
  • Continuum of Health Care Services (Economy, Insurance, and Sectors)
  • Interprofessional Health Care Team

B. Recommended Studies

1. Canadian Labour Market Webinar
This webinar provides a general overview of  labour Market information, and Nursing Workforce Overview in Canada. 

Main topics:

  • Information on nursing labour market trends
  • Nursing Workforce Overview
  • Nursing Labour Market Trends
  • Demographic Changes Affecting Nursing in Canada
  • Where to Access Labour Market Information

2. Canadian Workplace Culture Webinar
This webinar provides a general overview of workplace culture in Canada and provides guidance on achieving cultural competence within the healthcare workforce.

Main topics:

  • What are “culture” and “cultural competence?
  • Why is cultural competence important?
  • Canada Today: A Multi-cultural Country
  • Providing Healthcare in a Multi-cultural Healthcare System
  • Canada’s Workplace Culture and Behaviours,
  • Eight Steps to Cultural Competence
  • For Health Care Professionals

3. Transferable Skills for Pre-Registration Employment
This webinar will provide you with guidance on potential employment you could access while working towards nursing registration in Canada.

Main topics:

  • Transferable Skills
  • Potential Alternative Jobs
  • Personal Support Worker: Role and Transferable Skills
  • Benefits of PSW Certification and Jobs
  • Application Process
  • Managing Stress Throughout the Job Search

4. Networking Skills
This webinar will provide you with Networking Skills and strategies.

Main topics:

  • What is Networking?
  • Benefits of Networking
  • Why is Networking so hard?
  • Building Your Network
  • Networking Tips
  • Social Media and Networking

5. Employment Law and Standards in Canada
In this webinar we will talk about Employment Law and Standards in Canada.

Main topics:

  • Employment Laws and Standards
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Employment Contract
  • Dismissal/Termination

6. Human Rights and Employment in Canada
In this webinar we will talk about Human Rights and Employment in Canada

Main topics:

  • What are Human Rights?
  • History of Human Rights
  • Discrimination and Harassment
  • Human Rights Legislation
  • “Canadian Experience” Barrier
  • Racial Discrimination

7. Self-Care Strategies for Internationally Educated Nurses

 Main topics:

  • Common stressors facing IENs
  • Why is self-care important?
  • Practical strategies for self-care
  • Tools for self-care incorporation into your daily lives and practice

8. Professional Writing Skills for Nurses

Main topics:

  • Writing for Nursing in Canada
  • Patient Progress Notes and Charting
  • Communication in Nursing Practice
  • Written Interactions and practices