All Courses

PASS is made up of 2 courses – A. Essential Studies and B. Recommended Studies. Some topics are webinars that you will need to attend, some topics are self-directed studies. To register for your webinar (please select a date at your convenience) visit:

A. Essential Studies

  • Jump Starting Your Canadian Nursing Registration Webinar
  • Nursing in Canada Webinar
  • Orientation to Canadian Healthcare System Webinar

B. Recommended Studies

  • Canadian Labour Market Webinar
  • Canadian Workplace Culture Webinar
  • Transferable Skills for Pre-Registration Employment
  • Networking Skills
  • Employment Law and Standards
  • Human Rights and Employment
  • Nursing Communication Foundations – Online (48 hours, self-directed)
  • Enhanced Communications Skills for Nurses (35 hours, self-directed)
  • Mentorship Webinar – Mentee
  • Mentorship Webinar – Diversity Issues
  • Mentorship Webinar – Procedures (self-directed)
  • Mentorship Webinar – Problem-solving (self-directed)
  • Practice e-CELBAN and/or IELTS