Finding a better way: Strengths-based trauma-informed practice

Mehrzad Nicholas GhadiriByNicholas Ghadiri

Finding a better way: Strengths-based trauma-informed practice

This webinar was presented and recorded on July 13, 2021 

Presented by: 

Dr. JoLee Sasakamoose,  Research Director,  Indigenous Wellness Research Community Network & Wellness Wheel Medical Outreach Clinic and Associate Professor,  University of Regina

Dr. Sasakamoose discussed how the Cultural Responsiveness Framework was developed, why it is needed to help restore Indigenous wellness in Western society, and its implementation in various projects. She also discussed the importance of shifting from deficit to strengths-based trauma-informed practice.

Participants learned about: 

  • The Culturally Responsive Framework
  • How to shift from deficit to strengths-based thinking
  • The principles of trauma-informed practice 

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